Friday 23 September 2016

Somebody has just done something amazing

I have of late become hyper sensitised to "has just" as used in headlines.

It irritates me, of course, but that can't be the point.

There is something tragic there. A desperate cling to the fading moment. A strange word, just, imprecise and less relevant with every passing granule of time. In the context of a headline it is quite meaningless, stretching along the continuum between inaccuracy and the stone cold untruth.

These titles using the adverb often speak to the adjective form; justice is stated as served. There is a finality to the declaration, an inference of a granite conclusion, and very often an implication of moral superiority and advancement.

Present perfect progressive.

I began to cite specific examples but felt nauseous and was forced stop. Instead, and better, here is a link to a Google news search for "has just". Mind how you go.

1 comment:

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