Monday, 13 June 2016

Faith and football

I was close to loosing my grip as England played Russia at the weekend.

It's been like this for thirty years, since Mexico 1986.

I'm so tired.

But I can't let go.

Because, what does that mean? If one lets go to the throbbing truth that it means absolutely nothing, these young men hurtling after a bag of air, then let slip the dominoes of existential collapse. Popular music, means nothing. Dramatic arts, mean nothing. All bloody art, nothing. The laws of physics?  If you like, and the sun will explode and end us all. Love, hate, descendants, antecedents, lost pets, fifty hours of watching Breaking Bad.

I don't know.

We play Wales on Thursday.


  1. To conclude, I have lost all faith.

  2. Thanks Oliver. I needed a kick back to some belief.

    To hell with it. Arsenal for the famous treble in 2017!

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