Sunday 9 October 2011

The Studio of Paradise

I have set about swinging a pick axe into the walls of the dead flower bed at the back of my new garden, excavating to level the ground for the Studio of Paradise #14, The Shed of Paradise.

I take pause to review the studio's history.

After many, many years of lurking in the corner of bedrooms and kitchens the SoP #11, The Library of N'LoRC, finally found it's own niche in the box room of a North London flat. The God of N'LoRC, Ganesha, is pictured above.

SoP #11 produced the album Nu Seedy.

A move West required some improvisation to create the SoP #13, The Studio in Two Cupboards.  The cupboards are pictured above (SoP #12 was a short lived interim measure).

SoP #13 produced the album Lost.

Now onwards, and downwards.  Dig, dig, dig!

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